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Optimum control of machine position for curved pipe Jacking: The north seeking gyrocompass is an absolute directional sensor that detects direction from the North Pole. This sensor has been used with extremely satisfactory results in curved pipe jacking systems. Real time machine coordination and position can be determined by absolute direction and distance data. This systems allows drastic reduction in survey work. The position of the machine can be derived from calculation of excavation distance and calculation of attitude angle(azimuth and pitch). Suppose you excavate a short distance, △L from a known point, I1, in direction θ1, I2 can be obtained by calculation. Similary, I3, I4, ......In can be obtained.

  • Absolute direction:Gyrocompass detects absolute direction. Servo type acceleration meter measures pitch and roll.
  • Real time machine position:Machine position is determined in real time and maintained in accurate alignment by the gyrocompass and distance meter.
  • The increase in efficiency of the work: Reduction in amount of surveying which improves work efficiency.
  • Graphical survey image: Input of survey results executes transverse caliculation and deviations relative to desgn tunnel alignment will be displayed.
  • Easy-handling and user-friendly software: Graphic user interface navigate operator clearly.
  • Data saving: Various related values saved in database every

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