TL-300 Level sensing system

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TL-300 provides clear and easy movement for both Shield machine and Pipe Jacking machine.Cities have recently introduced more underground tunnel as a way to ease aboveground congestion. This has led to increased demand for sophisticated technology in the field of tunnel excavation. When connected to TMG Series Attitude Sensing System, TL-300 Level Sensing System continuously measure changes in the level of Shield and Pipe Jacking machine during excavation. This combination assures accurate control, which is so vital to tunneling, especially along fragile natural slopes.

  • Easy Hose Coupling for Pipe Jacking:Connection and disconnection of hose can be easily done by the quick coupling connector ,which is connected with both ends
  • of the hose.
  • Small and Light weight:Designed compact for use of small diameter.
  • Warning function by Monitor unit:Various errors such as Level and communication error are clearly displayed on the monitor.
  • Offset center function of Roll and Pitching angle:The deviation caused by rolling and pitching of the machine will be automatically amended.
  • Wide range:300B;Max Level 6,250mm, 300BH;Max Level 25,300mm

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