VD-10 Vibration Detector

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The Vibration Detector is a safety device, which quickly detects abnormalities in mechanical equipment in order to help prevent breakdown. The reliable performance of the Vibration Switch is time proven - it has received very favorable user response from the time it was first marketed over 30 years ago. If the detector is subjected to vibration acceleration in the "Direction of vibration", a moment will be set up around the spring joint of the armature, tending to separate the armature from magnet below it. Similarly, the adjusting spring will also generate a moment around the spring joint, tending to separate the armature from the magnet. When the sum of these moments is larger than the moment acting around the spring joint due to the magnet attracting the armature, the armature will come away from the stop pin below. As the result of the motion of the armature, a micro-switch will be actuated, triggering an alarm signal.

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