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CR-100 / DCR-100


  • Conventional recording paper is no longer needed

    Since recorder paper and course pens are no longer used, there is no need to refill or replace consumable items making it possible to reduce running costs.

  • Hand written input

    Just like using a traditional paper type Course Recorder, it is possible to write information via the use of a touch pen. Additionally, port call and arrival/departure information etc can be set (memory) in advance, and easy recording can be performed when the information is selected..

  • Recording of detailed voyage information

    In addition to the usual recording function for ship's heading/rudder angle, at the same time more information like set course/rudder order/ course over ground etc can now be displayed and recorded at the same time. From own ship's drift conditions and rudder feedback conditions etc, detailed voyage infomation can be used to select the most suitable steering mode, adjust the steering parameter, and confirm the operation of the navigation equipment..

  • Easy Information management and recording

    Easy to transfer data to a PC using USB memory or CF card. When using the software included, it is possible for data to be viewed or printed with the PC. Also, it is easy to search for memos or events, and manage voyage data..

  • Easy to retrofit

    Dimensions are the same as the existing Course Recorder. When necessary, a signal converter is installed inside the unit which eliminates the need to change existing wiring making it possible for retrofit of the Course Recorder unit only..

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