UFH-100 Open channel ultrasonic flowmeter

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  • 1. Outline
  • 1) The UFH-100 flowmeter measures free surface flows of such fluids as supply water, agricultural water, river water, wastewater, process water, and industrial effluents. Flowmeters generally calculate flow by taking the product of average flow velocity and the flow cross-sectional area. The UFH-100 flowmeter system however employs an ultrasonic flow rate meter to determine flow velocity and a level gauge to measure fluid level and computes flow based on signals from these instruments. (Ultrasonic or external level gauges may be used for level measurement.)
  • 2) The UFH-100 flowmeter can measure flows for water levels from zero to full. The flow detection unit is small, easy to install, and does not retain flow.
  • 3) The UFH-100 flowmeter provides outputs for flow velocity and water level in addition to flow rate and totalized flow. Measurement is possible in both the forward and reverse flow directions.

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