UVH-2000 Open Channel Flowmeter

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  • Accurate and stable measurements are realized with Ultrasonic Pulse Doppler technology.
  • Two measurements - water velocity and water level - are used to calculate flow rate, therefore UVH-2000 can be measured flows subject to backwater due to obstacle in a stream, reverse-flows, or etc.
  • Obstacle installed in the stream is very small so there is no head loss or buildup of sediment.
  • Flow measurement is possible over the full range from zero to full water levels.
  • Transducers are installed in flow channel easily and can be accomplished without modifying existing channel.
  • Whenever flow velocity distribution is not developed enough due to short, straight channel lengths, etc, stable measurement can be obtained, because multi points and multi paths (up to 4 paths) measurement are possible.
  • Water level is measured by ultrasonic level gauge without contact (Radar level gauge is available as optional).

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