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Ease of use is an important consideration in obtaining accurate workplace viscosity measurements. The new R85 is a sister model our of popular R-100 Series viscometer which was the first viscometer on the market to offer the Auto Lock feature as standard equipment. The Model R85 viscometer features additional enhancements for easier operation and a compact design. Like the R-100, the R85 offers the Auto Lock function as standard equipment which provides superior and reliable spindle protection, allowing even first time users to make viscosity measurements with confidence. The R85 comes in two models – a cylindrical spindle model with a 500ml beaker (RB-85) and a cone/plate model which enables measurement of very small, 1ml, sample sizes (RE-85). The R85 viscometer series is available in 9 models, based on measurement range, so the customer can select the model best suited for his needs.

  • Digital viscometer with auto lock function
  • 1. Auto Lock mechanism : This function automatically locks the rotor to protect the pivot shaft when measurement is finished. The mechanism allows easy attachment and removal of the rotor while protecting the bearing from damage, making it very easy to operate, even for first time us-ers.
  • 2. Zero Span setting function : Calibration corrects for viscometer-to-viscometer variances - resulting in high accuracies which exceed catalog values.
  • 3. Preheat / Auto Stop functions : The Model R85 also features preheat and auto stop functions.The preheat feature operates also as an auto start function. Automatic viscometer operation can thus be obtained by combining the preheat and auto stop functions and the user can set startup and stop times at his discretion.
  • 4. Data interchangeability : Measurement data of the R85 viscometer conforms to JIS and ISO standards and is compatible with other Toki Sangyo cylindrical spindle and cone/plate viscometers.
  • 5. Power interlock function : The power interlock function ensures continued pow-er until locking of the bearing is complete even when the viscometer is switched OFF during operation.
  • 6. Rotation slow up/slow down : Rotation speed changes are very smooth which pre-vents shock from being transmitted to the viscometer during measurement start, changes in speed, and measurement stop.
  • 7. Alarm warnings and display : Warning icons are displayed and an alarm is sound-ed when measurement data falls below 10% or ex-ceeds 100%.
  • 8. Data recording : A calendar function is incorporated in the R85 vis-cometer. In addition to measurement data recording, date, viscometer model, and other information can be printed out with a special printer.

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