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  • Easy-to-use digital viscometer(TVB-10W)
  • Setting the standard in digital viscometers with simplicity in design for unmatched durability. “Ease-of-Use” and “Worry-Free Operation” are the key concepts underlying development of the TVB-10W digital viscometer. At he instruments core is an ingenious “Torsion wire and Magnetic bearing” mechanism which greatly improves durability and enables the TVB-10W to maintain its high initial repeatability with stability of measurement. The Model TVB-10W has established itself as a product benchmark with features that include digital display, auto-stop function, and one-touch rotor mounting which allow even first time users to hand the unit with ease.
  • Added output function to TVB-10 model(TVB-15)
  • Data output capability for improved viscometer efficiency. The new TVB-15 boasts a data output function which enhances user “peace-of-mind” in addition to the attributes of “ease-of-use” and “worry-free operation” offered by this versatile viscometer. The exceptional durability provided by the viscometer’s robust torsion wire and magnetic bearing mechanism en-sures that the product’s superior initial repeatability is main-tained over time with a high degree of measurement consistency. These features are augmented by a data output capability which allows direct connection to PC’s and printers, enabling the user to save his precious measurement data while improving his work efficiency in the process. The TVB-15 viscometer is ideal for quality control and workplace data management applications.

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