TMG-32F Fiber Optic Gyrocompass for Tunnel Excavation

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The TMG-32F precision fiber optic gyrocompass incorporates state-of-the-artinertial navigation device technology. The TMG-32F gyrocompass system displays and outputs azimuth (absolute true north heading) and pitch and rollangles in real-time. The TMG-32F system's solid-state design has no moving parts and as such is strong against vibration and is easy to install. Compact and light weight, the TMG-32F gyrocompass navigation system is suitable for installation in small diameter TBMs and provides improved accuracy in long drive and curved drive tunneling.

  • Azimuth accuracy: ±0.05° SEC latitude
  • Real-time measurement while tunnel excavation is underway.
  • Easy to transport and install.
  • Strong against vibration and shock.
  • Waterproof (comply with IP 67)
  • Capable of steep slope (vertical 15°) operation
  • Options:Water level sensing system, Pipe jacking navigation system.

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