Digital Valve Control Systems

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Digital Valve Control Systems

Digital valve concept

A digital valve is a hydraulic control valve which is intended to achieve control with a high level of repeatability with an open-loop format. A stepping motor is incorporated inside as the electromagnetic actuator which drives the valve body in order to achieve this high repeatability.

Control features of digital valves

A stepping motor is a motor used for positioning control, and it has the high level of repeatability in the stop position. Another feature of this motor is the high level of repeatability which is achieved even with such a transient henomenon as that when the motor is activated. These features are utilized to ensure the high-cycle shock-less operation of hydraulic systems (mother systems).
They also come into their own when controlling such time-based changes as in the force (thrust force) of the actuator (to increase or reduce the pressure).

Safety of digital valves

Incorporated inside a digital valve is a return spring. This spring triggers a force that always returns the valve to the origin point (unload for a relief valve or fully closed for other valves). Using this setup, an origin point return mechanism that works reliably is provided.

Maintainability of digital valves

The rotating shaft of the internal stepping motor that drives the valve body is equipped with an indicator, and it is possible to check the operational status of the valve by directly viewing the operational status of the valve body.

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