KRG-10 Non contacting radar level gauge

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  • Unique Technology
  • ±2mm High Accuracy : TOKYO KEIKI’s advanced pulse technologies achieve +/-2mm accuracy. (Rod Antenna : +/-3mm)
  • Advanced Echo Processing : “Multi-echo Historical-validation” checks trend continuity to track the echoes from liquid during process operation for smooth measurement. And, “Auto Noise Table Function” is achieves stable and continuous level measurement on the Reactor tank application.
  • Rapid Tracking : “Full-range Search Mode” boosts detection speed and track up to 2m/sec level change.
  • Flow & Volume Calculation : “Extended calculation mode” outputs not only Tank Volume, but also Open Channel Flow Rate by weir or flume combination.
  • Wide Line-up Antenna : KRG-10 can be installed for Corrosive, Adhesive and Hygienic applications by various antenna; SUS Cone for 2"(DN50)&4"(DN100) nozzles, PTFE Sealing for 2” (DN50) & 4” (DN100) nozzles, PTA Rod for 1"(DN25) nozzle, Furthermore, we will provide special antenna for higher temperature over 200°C or higher pressure over 1.5MPa.
  • Wide Measuring Range : Up to 30m Max. by 4” (DN100) Cone Antenna
  • Stable Measurement
  • ”Disturbance Noise Elimination” : Cyclical & Multi-bounce noise echoes are eliminable for stable output. It realizes stable measurement without leap in process tank measurement.
  • ”Predict Output” : As the result of echo validation, KRG-10 can output predicted data reasonably.
  • Distance Filter Window : This window is effective for echo searching, and variable ranging available.
  • Bottom Echo Handler : Generally, liquids having low dielectric constant are difficult to be divide surface echo from tank bottom echo when its level is quite low and close to bottom. KRG-10 can deem the level is close to almost bottom without fluctuation.
  • Double Bounce Handler : Delayed echo by multi-bounce between liquid surface and tank ceiling will be eliminated.
  • User-friendly Design
  • Easy Configuration : Graphical HART Configuration on Laptop PC Also menu driven 4-keys input (need LCD module)
  • Rotatable LCD (90° step) : LCD front face can be changed to all four points of the compass.
  • Sun Shade for LCD protection : Rubber-made Sun Shade is provided to protect top-mount LCD.
  • Removable LCD module : LCD module is removal in case that it is not required. In such case, a blind cover the same as terminal cover will be provided before shipment.

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